RM Service is able to offer:

  • gaskets and plates for heat exchangers of all brands
  • service of maintenance and regeneration of the plates and of the entire heat exchanger
  • Complete plate heat exchangers
  • Seals for pumps and fittings

Our range of services and products are backed by a ten-year experience in both post-sales support activities and in the production of plate heat exchangers and replacement seals. In order to ensure a safe and lasting use of your exchangers, it is necessary to use high-quality parts which are interchangeable with the existing ones. In addition to the original spare parts we can offer a wide range of items “MADE in ITALY” and parts certified by world leading manufacturers to satisfy the requests of our customers in terms of reliability and punctuality of service. We can also offer cooling radiators produced in all standard materials and thicknesses. Our technical staff will be pleased to assist you by performing all necessary tests, should you need to operate on your heat exchanger to modify or extend the capacity of heat exchange.

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